Nelli Zhiganshina/Alexander Gazsi

Video interview, Oberstdorf, July 2013


Nelli and Alex: Hello!


Nelli: Welcome to Oberstdorf!


Alex: As you can see, we have great weather.


Nelli: Finally!


Alex: We are finally at home after we’ve travelled a lot. Following the World Championships, maybe you remember, we did a quite nice Zombie free dance. Right?


Nelli: Yes, it was quite fun.


Alex: It was quite okay.


Nelli: It was a lot of fun.


Alex: We were very happy with our season. It went well. Now we’ve been preparing (for the next season). We went to Novi to Igor Shpilband, we went to Kasakhstan to Denis Ten, it was a really cool show. We went to Russia, to Moscow, to Ilia Averbukh.


Nelli: It’s not possible without Moscow.


Alex: Without Moscow it is not working. And now we are in Oberstsdorf, at the (summer training camp) IceDome. (It means) a lot of practice.


Nelli: They are plaguing us quite hard, with athletic training and ballet.


Alex: But it has to be this way.


Nelli: Unfortunately.


Alex: Our goal, as for everyone else this year, is Sochi and we hope to see you there!