Ksenia Stolbova/Fedor Klimov

Interview August 2013 in Moscow

Q: How are you feeling?

Fedor: We are in high spirits. Right now we are mostly working on the elements and skate parts of our program. We aren’t doing full run-throughs yet, but half of the program we are skating already calms. The main job is now to do the new elements, to maintain the old ones and to skate the programs. We are in a good mood, because everything is going better day by day and we see the progress.

Q: What kind of injury bothered you, Fedia?

Fedor: I twisted my foot, not even on the ice. It took a long time, I don’t know why. I’m not a doctor. They said you recovered quickly, but to me it seemed very long. It was the right foot and it happened in between two training camps.

Q: How did you recover from your injury?

Fedor: When I said that I am skating for two weeks, I meant that I am jumping and do the elements full force. Until then I didn’t do the jumps, but I did the other elements. I am actually skating since July.

Q: What can you say about your new short program?

Ksenia: I think we became more grown up and the program is more grown up.

Fedor: But it is not such a big difference. We’ve had a similar program in the past, with Spanish music and Flamenco. It is familiar to us, but just more grown up especially concerning the relationship within the couple.

Ksenia: The program is half ready.

Fedor: The program itself is absolutely ready, we just have to do the elements

Q: What is the name of your music?

Ksenia: Ask something easier, please.

Fedor: There are many different pieces. We’ll think of an interesting name. We’ve had Russian Fantasy and Oriental Fantasy and now it will be Spanish Fantasy (laughs).

Q: What about your triple twist?

Fedor: Obviously this is the most difficult question, because are still relearning it. We are getting a new technique, (coach) Vlad Zhovnirski is helping us and I think the technique has improved. We are doing a double now and soon will move on to the triple. We started from scratch, with some exercises, with the throw even without revolutions and now we have moved on to the double.

Q: At what point are you now?

F: We are in a good shape now, but we need to do run-throughs of the program. The physical preparation is there, the technical preparation is almost there, but we need to do the program. We are not ready yet to do full run-throughs.

Q: How was the training camp in the USA this summer?

Fedor: I liked it there.

Ksenia: We danced, we went to the Broadway, Oksana Grishuk worked with us, we did the new program, we met a new off-ice coach. Everything was new for us, we skated a lot, we were on the ice until midnight, this was different for us. We all went together to New York with three cars. It is like a fitness club, you go there and take lessons and dance.

Fedor: There were different styles and everybody could try what they liked, Latin dance, Hip Hop, Jazz and so on.

Ksenia: Fedia learned to use his hips for the Flamenco.

Fedor: Yes, the hips. It was an interesting experience, liberating. I went to the Latin classes. It doesn’t have much to do with our program, but it was an experience.

Q: What are your next plans?

Ksenia: We want to compete at the Federation Cup in Sochi then we come back for a couple of days and then we’ll travel to Skate America.

Q: You have moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow. How do you adapt?

Fedor: We are for the first time for a longer period of time in Moscow. Before, we only came for a maximum of five days.

Ksenia: We came here to see friends or to do some things.

Fedor: We have been officially skating in Moscow the whole summer, but we were in training camps all the time and came here only in between training camp. Now we are here for long. I don’t like it so much. I miss St. Petersburg. I have a neutral attitude towards Moscow.

Ksenia: They rent an apartment for us, very nearby. I just signed the contract.

Fedor: I moved in not long ago. It is very convenient and close for training. Everything is well organized.

Q: Maxim (Trankov) has been your friend for a long time, how is it for you to work with him now in one group?

Fedor: Max helps us a lot and put together half of our footwork. He gives us constantly advice.

Ksenia: Maxim is helping us on and off the ice. We don’t have a rivalry, there is competition in practice, but everything is very comfortable.

Q: With whom you are working?

Ksenia: Nina Mozer, Vlad Zhovnirski, of course Stanislav Morozov and Maxim. Everybody is helping.

Fedor: Our main coaches are Vlad Zhovnirski and Nina Mozer, but everybody helps. Vlad is responsible for the elements, Nina Mikhailovna helps with everything, the others help as much as they can.

Ksenia: If someone sees something they come over, corrects us and gives us advice.

Fedor: Yes, sometimes the outside view is better.

Q: Your main choreographer is Alla Kapranova?

Fedor: Yes.

Q: But you haven’t decided yet whether you will keep your old program (“Addams Family”) or get a new one?

Ksenia: No, we want to change the program, but we don’t know yet what we will do.

Fedor: We don’t know yet what we will do and when it will happen and so on. For the first competitions we’ll keep this one, because we have to skate clean and well. We can’t skate an unpolished program. But maybe for the second Grand Prix we’ll come out with a new one. But we do plan it and we want to make a new one.

Ksenia: We don’t have an idea or a plan yet.

Fedor: We are still searching.

Q: How do you feel in general now about our coaching change?

Ksenia: We are happy with it. If we weren’t, we’d have left by now.

Fedor: We are very pleased with it. I don’t know where else we would have learned so many new things and would have gotten so much knowledge. I don’t know who would have taught us more. We have worked with more experts in a short period of time already than in our whole lives so far. We already received an enormous experience and more is to come.

Q: Thank you very much for the interview and all the best for the season!