Video interview

Aljona Savchenko/Bruno Massot


Q: So, here are Aljona Savchenko, a five-time World Champion in pair skating, and her new partner, Bruno Massot. Aljona, where are we here?

Aljona: We are in our ice rink, where we train every day and have fun. Here is the ice rink and the warm up area where we get ready for the ice. We are training twice a day every day and the whole day. This is our second home.


Q: You have been training for two months now, and how is it going?

Aljona: We are happy. Obviously it is a lot of work, but that is normal. We are developing every day, step by step we are learning new things and we are getting used to each other. Since we have different techniques we have to adapt. But it is great fun and we are happy to work together.


Q: This is obvious in practice. Bruno, you have been training for two months together, how is it going for you?

Bruno: I am sore everywhere! But no, it is going really well, it couldn’t be much better. I knew Chemnitz already, Aljona I knew less. I really get to know her now. I realize that it is a lot of work, but we have a year to prepare, so it’s fine. It’s going really well.


Q: How did you adapt to life in Germany, to Chemnitz?

Bruno: I haven’t adapted yet. I don’t speak a word of German. I start to understand some things, but it’s not there yet. For someone French it is a bit complicated to learn foreign languages. I am getting by with my English.


Q: Aljona, as Bruno said, you cannot compete internationally. What are your goals for now?

Aljona: For now our goal is to learn the new elements and to improve every day, because we still have time. We have time.


Q: Yes, you have time to develop, but later you have bigger goals for sure.

Aljona: Yes, of course. Maybe it is a bit more difficult for me to say something. As a five-time World Champion, everybody says, what more do you want? I also want to show something new and our big goal now is to work on the elements and to do what maybe nobody else has done before. In the future the goal is Korea in 2018. Until then, we want to make everything possible.


Q: Bruno, Aljona talked about your goals. What are your goals for now and in general for your team?

Bruno: We have time now, that’s cool. We have time to adapt to skate with each other. (to Aljona) What is? There are the technical questions, because we have different technique. We have to adapt together and find our technique that works best for us. The coming season will be just the work on this, on the technique and then on the components. We hope to come to our first competition with the maximum arsenal and the best possible.


Q: And also new elements, I think.

Bruno: This is the goal as well, yes, but for the moment we are not talking too much about it. It is also a goal.


Q: Obviously the big question is for which country you want to skate, because Aljona is from Germany and Bruno is from France.

Aljona: Well, yes, we are waiting for the result (of the talks of) the federations, since nobody has decided yet for which country we will compete. We are hoping for the best, of course. Eventually the financial aspects for our coach are decisive. For us it is of course also is means to wait and see what is better for us. We just want to skate and to show what we can do. As for everything else, we’ll see.


Q: In any case we wish you a lot of success, no matter if for Germany or for France, because you are a great new team and we are looking forward to seeing you in international competition in one year or so.

Aljona: Thank you!


Q: Thank you and bye, bye.

Aljona: Bye, bye!