Interview with Paolo Bacchini
Oberstdorf, July 2013

Q: With Ivan Bariev and the roller skating champion Dario Betti, two more men want to compete for Italy in the future. How do you feel about this new competition and how do you want to stay on top of them?

A: Hello everybody! What do I have to say? I'm used to compete with lots of good skaters. So I think, the more good people come to Italy and the better the competition will be. Of course it's going to be harder to get a spot for the major championships. I'm happy, because I already did all competitions possible like Olympics, Worlds, Europeans, World Team Trophy. So I really keep going with skating because I like it and because last year I had really problems with injuries from November on. So I hope just to skate my best. That's it! I’m not really interested in what other people do actually.

Q: As you said you have had some injury problems in the past. What happened, how did you recover and how are you now?

A: I'm not a 100 percent healthy, but I'm working on it and overall I learnt from last year that it is better not to push too much during the summer. Because I started in November with almost clean programs in Merano with 203 points. It was a pity that I couldn't repeat those performances during the big championships. So we take it a bit easier in the summer now and we going to push during the big events.

Q:  What do you think you have to do in order to avoid injuries?

A: I really like to jump, but you can't do too many jumps in a session, three times a day. Jumping is maybe not the best way to keep your body healthy. So I think we are going to work on another important point that is choreography and spins and limit a bit the jumps.

Q: When and how will the Italian Federation decide who will compete for the Olympic spot in Oberstdorf?

A: I'd like give you an answer. But I think that you should ask the federation, because I just have to skate. They have to decide.

Q:: How much pressure does it mean to compete there in case you are selected?

A: To go to the Olympic Games for the second time in my life - I don’t think that many skaters can say they have done it. Already the first time was a great pleasure and I think that's going be even better because now I have experience. It's a dream but you a more awake.

Q: What are you working on now specifically in practice in Oberstdorf? How is preparation going so far?

A: I'm working on new choreography, I'm going to do "La vita è bella". I wanted to do this music forever and I love the way that in the drama there is always a smile to find. And I think that music matches a lot with me

Q:  That's your long program?

A: It's long program, yes. Short program is going to be Rossini. We’ll see. Last year I changed the short program three times, but I think that this year everything is more structured.

Q: Who found the music?

A: It was me, but I asked for the opinion of Mr. Grütter. He enjoyed the music, so it is perfect. I like it...we like it both.

Q: What do you plan? Which competitions will you be in?

A: I'd like to do Nebelhorn-Trophy which depends on the Italian Federation... so we will see. Then I’m planning to go to Merano-Cup, Crystal Skate in Romania and then for sure to the Italian Championships and the Winter Universiade in Trentino. It's going be really a pleasure to skate not even thirty kilometers from my parents’ house.

Q: Did you already think about the future after Olympic Games? I could see that sometimes you work a bit as coach.

A: Sometimes Mr. Grütter asks me to just to have a look at some people. I really love coaching, but for now I am an athlete. So it's just like when I have one hour free, I give a hand to him. But I really like it, will see what the future tells.

Q: Thank you, good luck for this season.