Summer training and ice show in Oberstdorf


Oberstdorf hosted the IceDome skating camp and regular summer training from June to August. Skaters from more than 20 different countries came to Oberstdorf train for the new season. Among them were 140 participants of the IceDome including Carolina Kostner and Pavel Kaska, Nelli Zhiganshina/Alexander Gazsi, Karolina Prochazkova/Michal Ceska. At the same time, German and international skaters used the ice rink II for their regular summer training. Among them were Michal Brezina, Maylin Hausch/DanielWende, Katharina Gierok/Florian Just, Katharina Häcker and Denis Wieczorek.

The show on July 15 was a true highlight and combined participants of the IceDome with skaters who train in Oberstdorf on a regular basis. The show was sold out with 1,700 spectators. Three-time and reigning World Pairs Champion Robin Szolkowy came as a guest to watch.


Here is a review of the show “Musicals on Ice”


1. Opening “A Chorus Line” group number with 32 young skaters from 11 countries

2. “Grease” Karolina Prochazkova/Michal Ceska.

3. “Cats” group number with skaters from the club in Oberstdorf. All cats had elaborate make up and a tail and one cat was pink!

4. “Ich war noch nie in New York” (I have never been in New York), musical by Udo Jürgens with Maylin Hausch/Daniel Wende. They interpreted his famous song “Mit 66 Jahren fängt das Leben an” (Life starts with 66 years). It was a fun number, especially with Daniel’s costume complete with a hat, a wig and a cushion around his belly to make him look fat.

5. “My Fair Lady” with Jennifer Parker. She is Canadian and impressed with her spins.

6. “Queen” with Pavel Kaska

7. “Miss Saigon” with Camilla Gjersem. Her twin sister Anneline was in Oberstdorf as well but was injured.

8. “West Side Story” group number with skaters from the club in Oberstdorf.

9. “Evita” with Carolina Kostner. She had just returned to the ice after a long break but looked as elegant as ever.

10. “Tarzan” with Nelli Zhiganshina/Alexander Gazsi. They used their “air acrobatics”, great program, audience loved it.


11. “Dirty Dancing” with Katharina Gierok/Florian Just

12. “Nine” with Kavita Lorenz

13. “Saturday Night Fever” with Anton Kovalevski. The crowd was duly impressed by his backflip.

14. “Mama Mia” with Prochazkova/Ceska.

15. “Flashdance” with two young Swedish skaters, Josefine and Marlin

16. “The Beauty and the Beast” with Stefania Berton/Ondrej Hotarek

17. “The Fiddler on the Roof” with Michal Brezina. The program looked a little rough.

18. “Phantom of the Opera” with Zhiganshina/Gazsi. This was another highlight. Dramatic and expressive. Nelli and Alex are great show skaters.

19. “Chicago” with Carolina Kostner and a group of young skaters. Carolina looked so different with her black wig!

20. “Sister Act” Finale with the coaches dressed as nuns and all participants.