Video Interview Konstantin Menshov

St. Petersburg, Mai 2013


Konstantin: Hello everybody. My name is Konstantin Menshov. I am living in St. Petersburg. I was born here and I’m living here until now. It is my favorite city. Now we are in the Tavritcheski Park. As you can see, it is beautiful here. Brides are walking around, because marriages are going on in the civil registry office nearby. The weather is great, finally the summer has come to St. Petersburg, which always takes quite a long time. The sun is shining. I love my city St. Petersburg, I think it is the most beautiful. In summer we have the longest “white nights”, the opening of the bridges, everything is wonderful, come to visit us and walk around in St. Petersburg in the evening, that is super.


Q: What is your favorite place?

Konstantin: I like the Nevski Prospekt, walking around on Nevski Prospekt, the Palace Square, Heremitage (Museum), these are great places, very beautiful.


Q: Kostia, you suffered a severe injury during the World Team Trophy. How is your recovery going?

Konstantin: It is better. I can move, I can do abrupt movements already. Just these days the doctors declared me healthy and allowed me to resume practice. At this moment we don’t have ice, so I am on vacation. I am doing special exercises the doctors told me for my joint. So basically I am better already.


Q: What are your plans for the new season and the summer?

Konstantin: Now I’m going to Italy with my girlfriend for vacation. Practice starts on June 17 here in St. Petersburg. On June 28 we are going to Latvia for a training camp and then to Sweden.


Q: You got a lot of support from the fans. What does it mean to you?

Konstantin: Yes, the support was huge. What does it mean… they supported me so much. I already was giving up, but thanks to the people who supported me I didn’t do that and continue to work and try to improve myself. Hopefully everything will be fine. Thank you so much.


Q: Thank you, Kostia, for the interview and we wish you good luck and all the best for the new season!