Yuko Kawaguchi/Alexander Smirnov

Mai 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia


Alexander: Hello! We are the couple Yuko Kawaguchi/Alexander Smirnov. This is our practice rink. Here we are spending most of our time and training.

Yuko: This is our home.

Alexander: Yes, this is practically our home, because we are training here seven, it happens seven days a week, but normally six days a week. We are coached by Tamara Nikolaevna Moskvina. Over there is Igor Borisovitch Moskvin standing, he is coaching single skaters.


Q: How is the preparation for the new season going?

Alexander: The preparation for the new season started very actively. We put together two new programs and now, while our choreographer (Peter Tchernyshev) went to Moscow to attend to some things, we are trying to break in the new programs. We are skating them without elements now, but the most important thing is to skate them.


Q: What are your plans for the summer?

Alexander: Plans for the summer… we’d like to relax a little bit more, but Tamara Nikolaevna hardly will allow that, because she plans several training camps. One training camp we want to do in America.

Yuko: And the most important thing there is shopping!


Q: Sascha, you have a new hair colour. Why did you decide to change to drastically?

Alexander: I somehow wanted to fool around, to change radically. I think some people already got used to me changing my hairstyle all the time. I wanted it myself and to entertain people.


Q: Will you stay blonde?

Alexander: I didn’t decide yet, maybe I’ll think of something new.


Q: Yuko, how do you like Sascha as a blonde?

Yuko: Everything has its positive. If he likes it, it is excellent.


Q: Thanks, guys, good luck for the new season.

Alexander: Thanks, see you!