Video interview Brian Joubert


France’s Brian Joubert, 29, has been one of the most popular skaters ever since he debuted at the European Championships in 2002. You will find the full story and can look back on Brian’s great career in the current issue of International Figure Skating Magazine. For more information see


Brian: Hello, this is Brian Joubert, French figure skater, European and World Champion. Now I am here at a show after a long competitive career.


Q: Yes, Brian, it was a indeed a very nice and very long career. With what kind of emotions did you finish this career?


Brian: There were a lot of emotions, because it has been twelve years that I competed at a very high level. I am pleased, because I finished (my career) at the Olympic Games very well. I was very satisfied with my performances, very satisfied with the reaction of the audience and I am finishing on a positive note.


Q: You showed a lot of programs as well as different programs. What were your favorite programs?


Brian: So as for the short programs, my favorite programs are “Time”, “Rise” and I also really like “James Bond”. Then for the free programs (the favorites are), for sure “Matrix” and the last free program that I skated in Sotchi (“Concierto de Aranjuez”).

Q: Why are these your favorite programs, because of emotions?


Brian: A lot of emotions, because I felt good with them, it felt natural. And I was able to communicate a lot with the audience and the judges. This was very important to me.


Q: Now you are in shows, but what other plans do you have for the future?


Brian: For the moment I am continuing to do shows, because it is fun to perform without competition stress, to see the audience and to travel. Then I am also passing my exam to become a coach and I also have the thought to skate pairs. I always said I want to try it. So I tried it for one week with Daria Popova and it was great. I loved it. So why not trying to find a partner and trying to do this more seriously in competition?


Q: Why do you like skating pairs? What does attract you?


Brian: I like it a lot, because you are sharing a lot of things. You are sharing many emotions when you are skating, in training and then it is completely different from single skating. For me, this is a very good challenge.

Q: Thank you very much, Brian, and good luck for the future.


Brian: Thank you.