Denis Ten interviews Alexander Gazsi

Astana, Mai 2013


Denis: Alex, tell us your impressions about Kazakhstan.

Alexander: Here you can live without a suitcase (N.B.: Alexander’s suitcase arrived two days later). Even if your stuff didn’t arrive, it is fine. Everybody is receiving you well, even in crocs. They gave me new skates right away, various ones, and I skated better than in my own (skates). I did the twizzles. But Nelli forced me to skate in my own skates anyway.

Denis: Did you like the show?

Alex: Yes, it was good. The lightening was great in Astana (N.B.: there were some issues with the light director) and Ari (Zakarian, show director) was so edgy. But overall everything was fine. I think the people liked it, too. They were clapping. But the hotel wasn’t so great. And usually they are feeding us better. I was constantly walking around hungry (N.B.: there were several banquets with lots of food). But basically it was fine. They paid good money.

Denis (breaking down laughing)

Alex: What is wrong with you?

Denis: You are too funny. That’s a cool video.